Appeal 🇬🇧

IBAN: UA623510050000026001879136891 SWIFT: KHABUA2K

 We are Ukrainians!

In connection with the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we appeal to the European community, to the Ukrainian diaspora, to all those who care.

Russian troops are doing the most terrible thing — they are killing our children, killing civilians, destroying cities — schools, maternity hospitals, homes of ordinary people. This is no longer just war, it is genocide of the Ukrainian people!

The Armed Forces of Ukraine show a worthy resistance to the aggressor who is suffering great losses. But the enemy is still strong, cruel and cunning. Without your help, without the unity of all civilised countries, we will not be able to win over this enemy.

The Ukrainian non-governmental organisations in the cities of Kiev and Chernivtsi have set up a charitable foundation to help the victims, the refugees, and the resistance movement. Our main aim is to organise the logistics of humanitarian aid to the most devastated cities.

The Ukrainian people will always be grateful to the Europeans for what you have done and are doing for us. Light will overcome the darkness! Glory to Ukraine!

Details for the charity donation:

IBAN: UA623510050000026001879136891